Great Support from a Great Group!

I recently received the following message from the great folks at Lowcountry Voices for Special Needs -

“Wanted to give a shout out to Mr. Justin Farnsworth. He is running for District 2 School Board. We had the pleasure of meeting this man and his lovely family during a Miracle League Game handing out balloons with Senator Rose. He was very caring and interested in people with lifelong disabilities. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk and have you listen. We wish you well!”

If you are not familiar with their group, I urge you to check them out. Their mission is to ensure people with lifelong disabilities have full access to their community and the necessary services to maintain a quality life experience. They are committed to educating, empowering, and protecting the rights of these valuable citizens. What a fantastic organization, and I am honored to have their support!

Learn more on their Facebook page:

- Justin


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2 Responses to Great Support from a Great Group!

  1. Elayne Lance Ackerman

    Dear Justin,
    tonight dimples helped me get access to your website. we loved your speech so much that we were both very proud of you. not only was the speech great but you looked absolutely fabulous.
    I love you and i know you are going to be elected.

    from your favorite grandma,

    Regards to all. Love and kisses
    Mama lane

  2. Elayne Lance Ackerman

    Dear Justin,
    Its your favorite grandma “mama lane”. I just thought of wishing you the best of luck for tomorrow and always!!!

    Kisses and hugs to the kids,


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