Rising HS Seniors…thought about a US Service Academy?

Are you a rising High School Senior? Do you know a rising Senior? If so, make sure and give some thought to applying for one of our nation’s great Military academies. You get an all expenses paid college education, excellent leadership training, and the chance to see the world and meet lifelong friends along the way…what is not to like!?!

Applicants to all Service academies, except the United States Coast Guard Academy, are required to obtain a nomination to the school. Nominations may be made by Senators, Representatives, the President, and the Vice President. Applicants to the Coast Guard Academy compete in a direct nationwide competitive process that has no by-state quotas.

I know Dorchester District 2 has some great students, and this really is a great opportunity to show off to the world!

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- Justin


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  1. Diana

    Spoke with you tonight about an education video. I will get It to you ASAP. please call me @ 323-0413

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